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Your Helping Paws, LLC Austin Pet Sitting is a labor of love rooted in a deep appreciation for both people and animals.   It all starts with our Owner:
Cynthia runs the show and is an RN with over 30 yrs experience, so she has spent her entire life taking care of others, both people and animals. She has 5 dogs of her own, two Old English Bulldogs, a Boxer, a Bulldog and a Saint Bernard.  Her compassion and respect for you and your pets is the foundation of her business. She is equally comfortable providing pet sitting for the smallest or shyest cat or dog, to the biggest, most rambunctious animal you have.  Animals respect her and she has a natural way with them that puts both them and you at ease.  You can feel confident your pet will get the loving care it needs with her pet sitters.
Cynthia and her staff can work with you to provide a care plan that fits your needs and your schedule, offering you the peace of mind of knowing your pets are in good hands. Remember, our Austin pet sitting, Austin dog sitters and Dog walking service reaches to all the surrounding areas.
Our sitters are all insured and bonded, but most of all, will love your animals as if they were their very own.
Alea became part of the Paws family several years ago when her family hired us to care for their 8 week old Great Dane puppy named Stella Blue. Alea is college student enrolled at Texas State University.  She grew up in a household surrounded by animals (2 Golden Retrievers, a Great Dane,  and an Australian Labradoodle) and was deemed "The Beastmaster" at 5 yrs of age because of her uncanny ability to wrap any pet around her little finger.  Alea recently moved into her own apartment and became the owner of a lovely rescue kitty named Natalia, but still goes home to care for her parents ultra spoiled Great Dane and terribly adorable Doodle.
Alison G.
Alison has called Austin home since 2003.  Several years ago she began pet-sitting for fiends and eventually professionally. She loves pets of all types and it shows.  She loves hanging out with them in her spare time as well.  She has a natural way with animals and can read their body language amazingly well.  She mainly works our north west Austin and Round Rock areas.  As you can see from the picture, you may find her sitting on a Harley if you look quickly enough.This picture is from the Bikers for Boxers event which Austin Harley Davidson sponsored recently.  Cool bike!
Allison M.
Allison is a University of Texas student, originally from Fort Worth, Texas. She found her love of animals at a very young age when she had her first cat Bree, that her family rescued from behind a dumpster. Ever since then, Allison has just had a certain knack for not only taking care of animals, but also loving them like they were her own. After moving to Austin, she missed her kitties from back home and being around animals. It occurred to her that working for a pet service would be a great way to be able to love and care for animals at the same time, which is what brought Allison to us.  We are so happy it she found Paws.
Christy found herself at a place in her life where the would rather work with animals than continue in the corporate environment. Before corporate America, she had been working towards a career in veterinary care and this job has allowed her to get back to caring for and working with our little furry friends.  She is a certified veterinary technician, experienced in phlebotomy and animal injections. She has one cat named Stanley, but has had cats, dogs, hamsters, ferrets and fish throughout her life.  She loves them all. 

I'm a mom to a beautiful daughter.  I couldn't ask for a better life.  I've loved animals my entire life.   This is my new rescue baby.  Isn't he beautiful!! I love pets and taking care of them because it lets me hang out with fur babies all the time.  How could anyone have a better job than that!?
Gina has been a devoted animal lover her whole life. She graduated from Cedar Ridge High School in 2016, and is now attending ACC for prerequisites to pursue a Career as a doctor specializing in diagnostic medicine. She moved from Los Angeles to Austin when she was seven, with her thirteen year old cat, Tingting. She has owned numerous dogs and cats, but currently has 3 cats and 1 chicken!  Gina chosen career dovetails nicely with her love of animals and we are thrilled to have her on our staff here at Your Helping Paws.

Leslie grew up on a farm in southern Louisiana so she has taken care of a wide variety of animals for her entire life.  She taught high school Art, Science,  Physics, Astronomy, and Biology; achieving Teacher of the Year in 2012-2013 in Louisiana.  She has lived in the Austin area for a number of years now with her seven dogs: a Yorkinese, a Rat Terrier, a Puggle, a Pit Terrier mix, an Anatolian Shepherd, and a Chow/German Shepherd mix.  They range in age from 3 years to 10 years old.  Oh, and let's not forget the cat and the husband!!  She has taken care of her friends and family's animals in the past and decided it was what she wanted to do.  Pet sitting allows her to spend time with all of her fur babies, as well as the new grandbaby! 

Lindsee has lived in the Austin area her whole life. She graduated from Cedar Ridge High School in 2016, and is currently a full time student at ACC in Round Rock, majoring in Business. She loves animals. She has owned and taken care of a variety of pets throughout her life, including cats, dogs, turtles, chickens, and rabbits. She currently has a shih tzu dog named Chico that she loves.  She also helped adopt 4 chickens and cared for them until they were grown. She have been pet sitting for close friends for years now and is excited to join the Your Helping Paws Family!